Parsons Painting and Decorating understand that the day-to-day operation of a painting and decorating company has an impact environmentally. We take the utmost care to identify and minimise any potentially harmful effects, wherever and whenever possible. We are committed to continuous monitoring and improvement of our environmental performance and the prevention of harmful implications, from painting and decorating materials or processes. 
Environmental Policy: 
1. We meet and surpass, wherever possible, requirements of all pertinent legislation in relation to environmental policy. 
2. We minimise waste during every project. Quantities are calculated and ordered by skilled professionals in relation to quantity surveying to avoid excessive ordering and in turn waste. 
3. We promote recycling in all of our operations, from office to painting materials. Where possible, we recycle waste / surplus products, and where possible, we purchase recycled products. For example, all of our white spirit (VOC) is recycled ready for re-use. We pass our surplus paint to colleges to use in their learning, to avoid the purchase of unnecessary products. We ensure that all empty containers are recycled appropriately. There are many other ways in which we regularly recycle and further details of this can be provided on request. 
4. Any waste materials that are unsuitable for re-use or re-cycling, are disposed of in a safe manner. Waste control arrangements can be provided on request. 
5. We promote the reduction in use of environmentally harmful products. For example, where appropriate, we recommend that clients / designers use water borne products as opposed to solvent borne products, as they have less of an environmental impact. 
6. We promote economical transportation methods and routes. Our employees work in teams and therefore share only one vehicle wherever possible. This leads to minimised fuel consumption and emissions. We have begun to change our vehicle fleet over to electric only vehicles and plan to complete this by 2035. 
7. We communicate all of our procedures and policies to all employees and sub-contractors, which includes Environmrntal policies and procedures. 
8. We monitor adherence to policy and procedure in all areas of our organisation, which includes compliance with the Environmental Policy. Our Health and Safety Officer reviews our environmental performance regularly. 
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